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We augment finance professionals to efficiently decode complex financial reports and generate profound, strategic insights for data-driven business decisions.

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Transform data chaos into clarity and action. Embrace the future of finance with AI-powered insights today.

Smart Insight Retrieval

Retrieve data acutely and turn it into a meticulous report, avoiding errors and cognitive overload.
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Powerful Decision-Making

Process data fluidly, spare of time-consuming tasks to increase decision-making efficiency.

Increase ROI

Specific Impactful Reports

Build concise and insightful reports in minutes instead of days and focus on what matters.

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Finnt for Financial Analysis & Reporting

Intensive data analysis requirements. Vast volumes of financial data. High-stakes decision-making environments. These hurdles, combined with the necessity for accurate financial forecasting and adapting to fluctuating market conditions, are amplifying the complexity of financial analysis and reporting for professionals.

How we can help

Finnt’s platform streamlines financial analysis and reporting by transforming intricate financial documents into digestible summaries. It adeptly handles data from diverse financial activities, including corporate finance and market analysis.

For corporate finance, Finnt evaluates essential documents such as earnings reports, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, integrating with financial modeling tools to synthesize information in line with accounting standards and financial regulations.

In market analysis, it aggregates and analyzes data from market research reports, financial news, and economic forecasts, employing advanced analytics to distill trends and insights within the context of global financial markets. 

Finnt’s tailored analysis across these domains facilitates precise financial assessments and reporting in a constantly evolving market landscape. It ensures clarity and actionable insights for financial health evaluation, market positioning, and performance forecasting. This empowers financial analysts and reporting officers to navigate the intricacies of financial analysis and adapt to regulatory shifts effectively.

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Finnt analyzes large and complex documents such as Reports, Statements or Agreements.
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Finnt generates structured and insightful memos with the most valuable financial data.

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Share with your team members and stakeholders to increase process speed.

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