Lease Agreement Abstraction

With Finnt, you no longer have to spend hours on lease agreement screening using manual, time-consuming methods to build an insightful analysis.

Raise your table stakes with Finnt

We handle the boring tasks, so you can enhance your investment workflows.

Easy Data Layout

Obtain a concise summary of all relevant data regarding the property, including rentable area, maintenance and repairs, etc.

Summarize opportunity

Detailed Opportunity

Evaluate full details of the opportunity. Build the right abstract with all the automatically retrieved insights.

Analyze opportunity

Simplified Legalese

Legal terminology is simplified. Discern any legal blocker immediately, free of legalese and manoeuvre early on accordingly.

Unlock opportunity
Relieve teams from tedious tasks by leveraging the power or AI

Finnt for Lease Agreement Abstraction

While lease agreement abstractions are essential for investors to accurately evaluate a financial opportunity, building a clear and accurate one can quickly become overwhelming for professionals in finance.

Time-consuming, manual processes and legalese slowdown efficiency, and eventually, become a revenue blocker.

How we can help

Finnt’s AI-powered platform retrieves relevant insights following a custom framework tailored for lease agreement analysis.

We assist finance professionals in building the perfect memo for stakeholders. We retrieve relevant insights, simplify legalese and write out the memo in collaboration with the analyst.

Finnt empowers your profession

Take control of your financial assets with our state-of-the-art Outgrid platform, providing advanced security and seamless management options.

Property Retrieval

Once you upload your commercial lease, and select the Lease Agreement Abstraction framework, we retrieve document properties such as project details, including rentable areas, insurance requirements, etc. and help building strategic recommendations.

Memo Creation

After launching the analysis with the correct properties, Finnt’s AI-powered tool will create a comprehensive memorandum with all the collected insights. Additionally, we’ll provide fact-based analyses and strategies for your opportunity, accelerating your work.

Insight Sharing

Iterate at will on your final memorandum, with or without team collaboration and share your newfound insights with stakeholders. Your analysis stays on your dashboard so you can download, update or share it at any time.

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