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We’re a distributed team

As Finnt carries a global vision, we built an international and driven team in the US, Canada and France. We combine all cultures, experiences, and work ethics to provide adequate AI-powered tools to English and French speakers in the finance industry.

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solutions designed for finance professionals

Finnt uncovers unique insights so you can streamline decisions.

Finnt helps you automate time-consuming tasks, discover key information and unleash opportunities.

Real Estate Analyst

Accelerate your property investment analysis. Seamlessly sift through extensive brochures and extract key details swiftly for in-depth investment memos. Stay at the forefront of the market with quick, informed decisions.

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Private Credit Analyst

Revolutionize credit risk assessment. Efficiently review company decks and identify critical risks and opportunities in private credit. Make smarter, data-backed lending decisions with our insightful, targeted analyses.

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Portfolio Analyst

Enhance your investment strategy. Smoothly identify lucrative opportunities within existing products and align your portfolio to cutting-edge market trends. Empower analyses by pre-empting your competition.

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AI-powered Research & Analysis platform for Finance Professionals.


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