Guarding College Students Against Scammers Amid Loans

As student loan payments resume, college students and their parents must be on guard against scammers who seek to exploit their financial concerns. Scams can take various forms, from tuition-related deceptions to fraudulent loan relief promises and credit card cons. In this article, we’ll shed light on these scams and equip students and their parents with the knowledge to protect themselves.

Recognizing Common Scams

Tuition Troubles and Package Delivery Deceptions

Scammers often impersonate college officials or delivery services, creating a false sense of urgency to collect cash or personal information. College students and parents must be cautious when faced with unexpected tuition issues or delivery dilemmas that demand immediate payment.

Student Loan Relief Scams

With the resumption of student loan payments, scammers craft convincing pitches for loan relief. Remember, there’s no need to rush when exploring legitimate loan repayment options. Scammers may also promise assistance in exchange for fees, but reputable student loan services will never initiate contact by phone.

Credit Card Con Artists

As young consumers search for credit card deals, scammers impersonate banks or credit card issuers to collect sensitive information. Beware of requests for bank account details or Social Security numbers. Be cautious, especially if an offer seems too good to be true.

Where to Seek Help

For legitimate student loan information and assistance, visit Remember that reputable student loan services will not initiate contact by phone.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC offers guidance on identifying and reporting scams. College students and parents shouldn’t trust anyone who contacts them with promises of debt relief or loan forgiveness, even if they claim to be affiliated with the Department of Education.


In a time when the restart of student loan payments can lead to financial stress, it’s crucial for college students and parents to stay vigilant against scams. By maintaining a skeptical mindset, verifying sources, and seeking help from trusted resources, students and parents can protect themselves from fraudsters seeking to exploit their financial concerns. Remember, your clients financial well-being is worth the effort to stay informed, guard against scams, and utilize tools like Finnt for secure financial management.

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