Reinvent Financial Planning & Analysis with AI

Finnt streamlines financial planning & analysis by gathering and organizing data (revenue, expenses…) from various systems (ERP, reports…) into your preferred formats (Excel, PPT…), augmenting your teams without extensive training.

Liberate Your Team from Repetitive Work

You wouldn't do without the Internet.
Don't do without Artificial Intelligence.

Enhance Data Integration

Accelerate Manual Processes

Finnt seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, providing a unified view of all critical data. By transforming unstructured information into structured formats like Excel and PowerPoint, Finnt enhances data accessibility and analysis.

Additionally, it co-authors reports, streamlining manual processes and report creation, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives, and driving overall productivity.

Optimize Resources

Boost Analysis Capabilities

Finnt empowers your current workforce without the need for extensive training. Its intuitive design and powerful features free up valuable time for high-value tasks such as scenario analysis, predictive analytics, and variance analysis.

By highlighting variances and discrepancies, Finnt significantly saves time, enhancing your team’s capacity for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

Improve Communication

Revamp Strategice Decision-Making

Finnt connects data from multiple sources, making it accessible across departments and ensuring all team members have up-to-date information. This integration facilitates better business partnering and effective communication.

Its ability to perform cross-analysis with real-time data enhances the team’s capacity to strategize, develop recommendations, and create accurate forecasts.

Financial Reporting

Finnt accelerates financial reporting by organizing data quickly, producing timely, accurate reports. This efficiency supports strategic planning and regulatory compliance.

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Cost Control

Finnt streamlines cost control by highlighting discrepancies for swift corrective actions, ensuring costs remain within budget for better financial health.

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Financial Analysis

Finnt enhances financial analysis by swiftly identifying variances and trends, enabling proactive strategic decisions and quick responses to financial changes.

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Strategic Financial Planning

Finnt aids strategic financial planning through comprehensive data analysis and forecasting, aligning financial goals with business objectives for informed decision-making.

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Cost Management

Finnt optimizes cost management by organizing and analyzing cost data efficiently, aligning expenses with budget goals, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

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10x productivity with AI Analyst

To make informed financial decisions, you need to retrieve the right insights at the right time. Over and over again.

Considering the gigantic amount of data that lives in your organization, this process is mobilizing hundreds of hours of your analysts time.

This is why we built Finnt. 

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Built with compliance and security as first principles.​

Finnt operates with the highest standards in terms of security and data protection. Your data is encrypted end-to-end, and Finnt has native enterprise-grade security.

  • SOC-2 Certification

    Finnt is SOC-2 certified, attesting high standards in terms of data privacy, security, accessibility, and integrity.

  • Safe AI Processes

    Finnt ensures meticulous processes in data treatment with AI technology. No data of yours is used to train models.​

  • CCPA and GDPR Compliant

    Finnt warrants AI usage for you and your clients in compliance with local regulations.

Manual tasks drain your time and hinder effective analysis, reporting, and leadership.

We streamline manual processes, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.


Streamlined Analysis

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Analysts often spend excessive time on data retrieval and entry, leaving little for core tasks like analysis and strategy development. 

Finnt streamlines these processes, freeing analysts to focus on crafting strategies and recommendations for stakeholders.


Efficient Reporting

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Managers often spend too much time verifying data, leaving little for crafting effective narratives and messaging for stakeholders.

Finnt reduces repetitive tasks, enabling managers to focus on impactful storytelling and decision-making.


Leadership Focus

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CFOs and top managers spend excessive time on manual tasks instead of business partnering, straining organizational performance. 

Finnt’s AI-powered software automates these tasks, enabling leaders to concentrate on enhancing performance and strategic collaboration.

Transform Your Financial Operations

Finnt also enhances tedious tasks like invoice reconciliation, expense tracking, and performance analysis, freeing your team for strategic planning and impactful financial decisions. Learn more about how Finnt can streamline your financial processes.


Finnt solution is designed for finance professionals and tailored towards their unique problematics.